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Top This! Create your very own masterpiece with Real Frozen Yogurt. Chose from over 75 topping as healthy as almonds, pure organic honey, fresh blueberries or decadent and fun like Gummy Bears, Reese;s Cups or hot fudge.

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About Tini's

When you eat at Tini's you are making a choice. You are making a choice to be good to yourself, to be good to your kids, to be good to the environment and community.

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Tini's has a unique room where we can host your next event. With a minimum of 8 people you can reserve the Tini's VIP Room for your birthday, meeting, fundraiser, or your team banquet.


Get the inside scoop on all the nutrition facts about our delicious selections of real frozen yogurt with live and active cultures change daily from Green Tea, southern strawberry, dutch chocolate, pomegranate and many more.

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Find yourself in our gallery of patrons. If you are not in here you need to get to Tini's today and get a snap your YO hand sign.

It’s delicious fro-yo with a cool vibe.
Cool is just one way to describe this very happy, very hip place. Every day, this fun, yet sophisticated yogurt bar offers you a delightful, delectable rotation of fresh frozen yogurt flavors that include Very Vanilla Bean , Yellow Cake Batter, Double Dutch Chocolate, Big Time Birthday Cake , Thin Mint, and more. Styles include Organics, Greek High Protein , No-Sugar-Added and Dairy-Free Sorbets. These rotate on a Daily Basis so call to see whats twisting for the day.

But then Tini’s ramps it up with over 75 (that’s right, 75) perfect toppings such as fresh crunchy almonds, plump raspberries, decadent Reese’s Cups, glistening hot fudge and, well, we could go on and on. See for yourself. Come in to Tini’s and discover your next favorite place